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Forex managed Account

One of our most important activities is to find such traders who can earn stable profits for investors in the long-run following the expected parameters. These parameters (drawdown, lot amount, profit) are set up in a way that when the commission fee is deducted from the client account, the annual profit shall be higher than the capital protection. The accredited forex managed accounts can then be copied onto each individual account enabling such profits that our tested managed accounts perform.

ET Consultants has been founded to guide the participants of the forex market with its services. The correct usage of data and information helps to find the best alternative amongst the many. Results of market research may help to reveal hidden trends, but the appropriate partner can also make work easier and more efficient. We beleive that if the one finds an ideal partner, method or information that can be beneficial for everyone.


JRO Quantic

We are proud to introduce the best managed investment account tested by us in 2018.

This product combines the experience of a global network of traders with total 40+ years experience in the market to offer a managed account service that helps investors to diversify and get closer to their financial goals. It is all manual trading, where the trading team executes high probability trades and is in constant evaluation of respectively traded instruments. Traders utilize proprietary analysis methods to identify typical price action during specific trading periods, and diversify funds across multiple currency pairs, equity indices and precious metals taking market sentiment and fundamental factors into consideration. All supervised by an award winning trader!

This product offers the safety of fund being traded at FCA regulated broker (STO, which is a trading name of AFX Markets Ltd, FCA regulated entity), where FSCS applies to cover client funds, and client funds are held at investment rated banks.



Minimum investment 10 000USD

Target monthly average return: 5-10%

Management Fee: No

Performance Fee:35% subject to HWM

Maximum Drawdown mandate requested: 50% of deposit

Broker: STO (FCA regulated entity)

Banking: Barclay’s Bank UK


This product offers:

·        Top performance from award winning traders

·        Security of funds

·        Full or partial withdrawal anytime

·        Transparency

·        HWM based performance fee, no management fee


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 Easy Neu Alpha Partners SA Switzerland (ARIF LICENCE CH)

  • Target gross monthly yield: 7.5%
  • Capital protection: 70%
  • Minimun deposit: 1.000.000$
  • Performance fee: 40%


Trading on the accounts of clients of ET Consultants using leverage ten times higher than the above published account from our asset managers using the same trading strategy. Return and risk profile should change in accordance!

Easy Neu Alpha Partners SA is the combination of two highly experienced financial market experts with over 65 years of experience in high end financial market firms and hedge funds. We use a combination of trading styles which are complimentary to each other in the terms of performance whilst diverse enough in their nature to accommodate all market conditions. We use both systematic and economic driven models with a mix of discretionary to provide as diverse a portfolio structure as possible to withstand all market conditions.


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money managerTaylor Made Account Management

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We offer taylor-made account management for those who invest above 1.000.000 $. It includes that the investment accounts are managed uniquely – separately from the centrally managed account - which differ in risk taking and profit.

  • Minimum capital: 1.000.000 $
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Safe account management, online live account tracking in MT4
  • Trading reports
  • Daily contact
  • Unique risk and profit levels
  • Unique strategy according to clients’ needs
  • Unique performance fee
  • High water mark calculation method

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ET Consultants advise that Forex Instruments and CFD's are leveraged products that incur a high level of risk and that it is possible that losses may exceed a trader“s investment. Traders should ensure that they understand the risks involved and seek independent advice if necessary. Any and all services provided ET Consultants do not constitute investment advice and we cannot accept liability for any financial loss or loss of profit which may be incurred from said products.