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Investment services


Forex Investment Services 

Investment services online are.  You can invest in investment stock, investment securities, investment loan property, guide investment, etc..  The only true investing chance you should do on the internet is forex investing.  With the proper education and the right forex training, you can make millions in the blink of an eye in this fast growing, high paced investment market.
 Forex investing has existed for decades, but it's been a pretty much-untapped market for the single investing consumer.  This market was completely dominated by the big players such as multi-national corporations and large financial institutions.  They had a huge investment return on their cash for decades.  2 TRILLION dollars are traded every day on this unregulated sector.  That's the reason this forex market is by far the biggest investing market in the entire world.


Best Investment Offer:
  • Minimum Deposit for individuals: $5000
  • Minimum investment Period: Nil
  • Annual Profit: between 80-120%
  • Performance Fee: 30% of net profit Based on HWM
  • Most Trading Instruments: Currency
  • Platform: MT4 live 
  • Broker: FXPRIMUS Licenses by CySEC, MIFID, ICF, Client Funding Insurance up to -€2.5 MILLION
  • For institutions: $100000
  • Expected Monthly Profit: between 5-15%
  • Normal Draw Down: between 0-30%
  • Other Charges: NO Setup Fee, NO Annual fee
  • Trading Style/Strategy: Manual, Scalping, Short time Price Action
  • Lot size: 1 standard lot for 100K
  • Required Leverage: 1:50
  • Investor Live Access: Yes
  • Documents: ID, address proof, Signed LPOA

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 Investment Management Services 

After spending a lot of energy and time in earning money, at some point in time, we all think about investments.  This not just assists in multiplying our current income but also secures our future.  If done in a planned fashion, investment management can reap excellent benefits and returns.  If someone wishes to begin investing, he can't go ahead without the support of specialist investment management services.  Тhеrе's rіsk іnvоlvеd іn іnvеstmеnts, аnd hеnсе іt's bеst tо sееk ехреrt аssіstаnсе.
The question now arises how can an investment management specialist help a layman understand and input the investment arena.  There are numerous questions in every individual's mind before he starts investing his capital in the markets, asset managers answer these questions and help achieve thе dеsіrеd оutсоmеs. Тhеrе іs а quеstіоn thаt аnу іnvеstоr соuld соmе асrоss.
Investment management services will assist you in choosing the right decision in both of the stages above.  Тhе роіnt thаt соmеs nехt іs whеrе уоur аssеt mаnаgеrs wіll рlау а vеrу сruсіаl rоlе.
After you know which investment opportunities are best for you, the need to invest and manage them will appear.  This is where the experts will guide you throughout.  They'll make sure all your funds are allocated to the perfect streams, and the risks factors are kept as low as possible. 

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ET Consultants advise that Forex Instruments and CFD's are leveraged products that incur a high level of risk and that it is possible that losses may exceed a trader“s investment. Traders should ensure that they understand the risks involved and seek independent advice if necessary. Any and all services provided ET Consultants do not constitute investment advice and we cannot accept liability for any financial loss or loss of profit which may be incurred from said products.